I Am Shocked By How Much I Like This Electric Toyota AE86 Drift Car

"Whatever it takes to keep interesting cars on the road" is how I approach the question of whether or not it's OK to do electric conversions for older cars. Some purists hate it, and it's true it's never really the same as an internal combustion engine, but it gets the job done. And electrification has its advantages too -- namely sweet, sweet torque.

Case in point: Omead Moinee's 1986 AE86 Toyota Corolla with an electric motor, recently featured by the good humans over at Hoonigan. Inspired by electric Pikes Peak conversions, Omead's car is in regular use as a drift car.

It's really, really hard not to like this thing:

Engine Swap Depot says this car's been around for a hot minute, debuting at SEMA back in 2015. The whole thing is a custom job with a huge 275 volt battery pack mounted in the back seat and trunk that produces 450Nm of torque at just 200 RPM. Two-hundred!

Doughnuts happen at the flip of a switch. It still keeps its five-speed manual transmission, unlike most EV conversions. That's encouraging.

If the future's electric, give me one of these over one of those damn pod cars.



    I have zero interest in any car now that isn't electric. This is where all the action is from here on.

    Why is no one talking about the suspension problems with Teslas and the serious issue of how much electric cars weigh? I mean come on, a car being written off after 49km with collapsed suspension is a bit of a joke.

    In cold and warm weather they're going to be pigs as battery efficiency falls through the floor, getting stranded in traffic jams is going to require a tow rather than a jerrycan full of fuel, and petrol with 57MJ of energy per liter is still far and away the best way to store energy. There's a lot going for hybrids with increased efficiency of conversion to electric but pure electrics are going to be a nightmare if they ever become mainstream.. for a start at 30c/kwh for electricity, petrol is cheaper than fueling electrics (and more rebates can and will only send prices higher). Second the whole electricity grid will need to be replaced to serve people sucking 35 amps to charge their cars, last - we'll need to produce *vastly* more electricity to allow all these cars to charge.. and no, a quarter acre of solar panels covering your entire block will not do the job.

    I agree the controllers have come leaps and bounds and electric motors are worlds better than ICE, but there's still a whole load of reasons electrics are still less viable than ICE's. If we were serious we'd be looking at stirling engines powering electrics, either driven by heat (sunlight) or plutonium ! Beta particles from that warming stirlings would mean a single charge could provide 80+ years of driving, and no it's not madness, it's been proposed and trials were run with stirling radioisotope engines.. but will we see them? nope. Too much hype and handouts to electrics is killing real development.

      Spoken like someone who has never driven or owned an electric car. Both our cars are electric, and we will never own an internal combustion engine vehicle again, ever.
      Battery is never a problem, cold weather not a problem, it is very cheap (way cheaper then petrol). Tell me a petrol powered vehicle that can do 100km for $1.50, there isn't one. There are no hand outs for EV's, we get no tax exemptions, and no incentives to purchase them, so another load of garbage.

      It is very obvious you do not have a clue what you are talking about.

        He doesnt. He just has a hardon for sooking about elon musk.

    Whats not to like, a skid machine made by a bunch of spanner spinners. Electric doesnt mean its 'lame' like a prius. Electric drift cars will be big one day due to the crazy amounts of torque they can produce, just a shame they're so quiet

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