How '10 Cloverfield Lane' Was A Gamble That Paid Off, Big Time

10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane was a surprising film, in more ways than one.

In this brilliant video, our favourite Mikey Neumann does a full deep dive into just what made it so.

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    Maybe... just maybe... you could write up an article ABOUT what the video has to say - instead of just posting the video. Just as a suggestion, you could start with a brief summary about what the video discusses, and then maybe talk more in depth about the points the video makes and even add in your own thoughts on the topic. You could even try to engage your audience and ask them what they think about the video and if they have anything further to add, or if they agreed or disagreed with what the video has to say. You could also try to engage audiences that can't actually watch the video but might still want to know what the video has to say.

      Absolutely! I'd love to have done all of that. Sometimes unfortunately I just don't have the time - but still want to share the video with y'all. I will endeavor to do better in the future :)

      Yeah mate they could have done that but they chose to do it this way instead.

      Maybe you could get a job at Gizmodo and change the place from inside?

        No thanks hyundai, I already have a job. Just letting Giz know that, as a consumer of this website, I'm not 100% happy with articles like this. Is there something wrong with letting a company know what I would like? It's not like I just called the article crap and gave no thought into how it could be improved. I explained why I feel that way, I explained how it could be improved and I explained how I thought there is a broader audience than those who have the time or circumstances to watch a video. Would you rather a company be unaware of what their consumers want in a product or service? It wasn't a personal attack on Rae at all. If you're happy with them just posting a video, well, be sure to let them know. It will then be up to Giz to make the decision as to how they proceed.

          And I genuinely do appreciate the feedback. Different people like different kinds of content - and if most would prefer me hold on to things like this until I have a day where I'm not too busy to write something more in-depth - it's good to know :)

    I'm in agreeance with Sylvan Nest - The Author says she'd have liked to have written what was in the video, however unless she was reviewing this movie off the top of her head I'm pretty sure she was reading a script which could have just been copied and pasted, maybe with a slight edit or two?

    Not everyone can watch a movie let alone hear it, so writing or being able to read helps for those situations.

      I didn't write this video. Mikey Neumann did - so I don't have access to the script.

    I really enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane, but I think it would have been a lot better if hadn't been tied to Cloverfield, or at least left it out of the title. With the film seemingly trying to make you guess what's happening outside, the ending would have had a lot more impact if those of us who saw the first film didn't already know what was happening.

    Will have to give the video a watch later.

      I haven't watched the video yet, I'm just about to start it, but I'm personally wondering if they'll address that the original script was not a Cloverfield title - it was a standalone called "The Cellar" that was changed to a Cloverfield title during development.

    I completely agree about the description of the video, as well as your own insights.
    Personally I like to browse Gizmodo for 5-10 minutes at a time to read the intellectual trends and happenings... however, as I work in a busy office, I cannot have the volume on.
    Additionally, because I work in a busy office, I cannot use headphones and block everything out.

    I written article gives me the freedom to read it all, or go and come as needed... all without disturbing others.

    If i wanted just a video imbedded with no actual article or insight... I would go to twitter or facebook, and the thousands of shared links there.

    So, if you want to quickly share a video or something interesting... twitter it to your followers.
    If you want to engage the audience that come to Gizmodo... take the time and effort to write an article.

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