Hawaiian Airlines Seals New Time Capsule With Over 100 Items For The Year 2079

Hawaiian Airlines Seals New Time Capsule With Over 100 Items For The Year 2079

We’ve looked at a lot of different time capsules over the years. And quite frankly, most are incredibly boring. But they don’t have to be.

There are two ways to combat the scourge of Boring Capsules. The first method to ensure that future generations won’t be bored to tears by your capsule creation is to include one extremely expensive and interesting item. For instance, we’ve seen everything from a mouse buried by an entire car. Or, if that’s not your thing, you can bury everything you can find. Hawaiian Airlines seems to be on the right track with option number two.

Recently, Hawaiian Airlines sealed a time capsule in a ceremony to celebrate a new building, the Charles I. Elliott Maintenance and Cargo Facility. The capsule isn’t scheduled to be opened until November 11th, 2079. What makes it so special? It has huge mix of items with over 100 artifacts from the company’s history.

“We wanted to give folks in the future a chance to A) have a good time; when they open it up we want them to laugh and think it’s funny and humorous but we also want to make sure they get a complete history of the airline up to this point,” Hawaiian Airlines archivist Captain Rick Rogers said at the time capsule ceremony.

The airline also released a video of the time capsule ceremony that can be viewed on YouTube.

So what’s inside? There’s everything from DC-10 pillowcases to vintage posters and magazines. And, of course, there are letters addressed to the future, a very common time capsule addition, and the precise thing that started my own obsession with time capsules over a decade ago. There are also vintage signs, training pamphlets, and even an old union contract. The airline also included a Moana and Maui stuffed toy set.

The new time capsule also includes a 10cm computer disk and a VHS tape with promotional materials for Hawaii, as if the people of the future won’t be confused enough.

At least Hawaiian Airlines did the right thing and dumped everything and the kitchen sink into this one. There’s nothing worse than a boring time capsule. Now we just need to make sure that humanity lives to see the year 2079.