Firefox Will Tell You If You Visit A Hacked Website

Firefox Will Tell You If You Visit A Hacked Website

Firefox is adding a new feature that will tell you if you’re visiting a website that has been hacked. Working with Aussie security researcher Troy Hunt, the Mozilla team will use the Have I Been Pawnd service to identify sites that have been compormised to warn you.

Hunt revealed via Twitter that he has been working with the Mozilla team.

The feature, which works with the new Firefox Quantum browser will issue a warning but won’t stop you from visiting a site that has been hacked.

As the feature is still in development you’ll need to download it from Github, compile it and then add it to Firefox if you want to give it a run. It will only run on the Developer Edition for now.

With the online world becoming a more dangerous place every day, your web browser is becoming a key battleground in protecting users. While traditional end-point security firms have offered plug-ins for browsers for some time this is an interesting move.

It is an escalation in protecting users and will help users understand whether they are browsing to a safe site or one that could compromise their security.