Expect The iPhone SE 2 In The First Half Of 2018: Report

Image: Apple

For those of us that prefer our handsets on the smaller size, the iPhone 6's change in form factor was disappointing. Fortunately, Apple didn't abandon fans entirely, providing upgraded guts inside an iPhone 5s chassis with the SE. It appears the SE was popular enough for Apple to consider a refresh, which should be with us before mid-2018 if reports are true.

According to a story via the China Economic News Service, the iPhone SE 2 is expected sometime in the first half of 2018 and will be manufactured in Bangalore, India.

Currently speculation is that it'll feature hardware similar to the iPhone 7, sporting the A10 Fusion chip rather than the A11 in the iPhone 8 and X, as well as 2GB RAM. The CENS story suggests two versions, a 32GB and 128GB. So no 256GB model, but these options should satisfy the bulk of the device's target market.

I imagine this news is of little comfort to those who finally bit the bullet and parted with their aging 5s or SE. For those of us still clinging to our slightly-older smartphones, it looks like it'll be worth waiting just that bit longer for the upgrade.

[CENS, via UberGizmo]



    Great news! If Apple didn't make a SE 2 I was going to pretty much never upgrade from my current SE. I only use my phone for podcasts, GPS and taking photos. No apps and games or watching movies, a big size phone is pointless.

    I hate to break it to you, but the iPhone SE came out with the 6. It’s not that old.

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