Battery-Powered Skateboard Tank Is An ATV You Can Carry With You

It took a while for someone to mate skateboard and tank, but the folks at the Seattle-based Flux Design have finally managed to crack this tricky walnut. Called the Track1, the “off-road eBoard” promises a two-legged, ATV-like experience, minus an actual ATV.

The Track1 features some nice specifications: a top speed of 32km/h, 19km range and three-hour charge time.

It weighs 27kg, so it’s not the lightest thing in the world, but not impossible to bring with you if you’re heading out into the wilderness.

The issue with crowdfunding projects with super-expensive entry tiers is that, well, the funds don’t come in fast or in the case of Track1, at all. Sure, you can toss in a few dollars if you just want to show support, but to have one of these off-road skateboards set aside come production time, backers have to cough up a minimum of $US1995 ($2619), which doesn’t include shipping.

And that’s fair enough — the Track1 looks in no way like a cheap piece of kit. Still, it’s going to make hitting that $US110,960 goal a bit of an ask. Right now it’s at $US2875, with 15 days remaining.

Hopefully for Flux Design, it reaches its target, but I’m not confident.

[Indiegogo, via Uncrate]