ANZ And Cuscal Customers: You Can Get Eftpos On Android Pay Now

ANZ And Cuscal Customers: You Can Get Eftpos On Android Pay Now
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Before you jump on it – yep, that’s a photo of an iPhone. And yes – ANZ customers on iOS can “tap for eftpos” already. But now android users can too.

Mobile “Tap and Pay” is rolling out on android pay for ANZ and Cuscal customers today – a pretty big deal for the two million of you who are eftpos-only cardholders. It means access to your money in real time, and in a lot of cases avoiding a surcharge (because you’re not using “credit”).

The Cuscal group of financial institutions includes People’s Choice Credit Union, Sydney Credit Union, Woolworths Employee’s Credit Union, CUA, Nexus Mutual, and FCCS.

For security, it will be using Australia’s first domestic Token Service Provider – it removes all of your confidential card data from the eftpos payment network, replacing it with a unique payment “token”. The eftpos TSP was built in partnership with Rambus, and lets eftpos generate and manage its own payment tokens. This also means if your card or phone is lost or stolen, you can disable mobile payments without having to cancel your card.

You’ll need to download the Android Pay app on the Google Play Store to get started.

“Using Android Pay is more secure — and much faster — than rummaging through your wallet for a plastic card,” said Pali Bhat, Google’s VP of Product Management at Payments. “That’s why we’ve worked with eftpos to enable Android Pay at almost 800,000 contactless payment terminals in Australia where people can seamlessly Tap and Pay with eftpos using their Android devices.”

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