Amazon Australia's Website Is Now Being Populated With Items

If you're getting excited for Amazon's arrival in Australia, there's a few more signs that launch is imminent. Amazon's Australian website is now being populated with some items - among other things, power boards, cables and garden gnomes have begun appearing on the site.

Spotted by u/repairsalmostcomplet on Saturday morning, is currently displaying a range of items outside of their usual Kindle range and apps.

There's not a lot of excitement to be found just yet (and perhaps this is still the Tech team ironing out some kinks in the back end of the site) but, there are a ton of power boards being listed. Sadly, if you're looking for a power board right now, it says they are 'currently unavailable'.

Another user, snoos_bitch, found that the Logitech G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard was also listed in the store - and it is listed as available for $153.47. Considering you can grab the same keyboard from places like Kogan for $135 or EB Games for $147, that seems like it might just be a placeholder price, converted from a US seller.

You want cables? They're on site too.

A further hunt and I found a Samsonite Garde Laptop Backpack, listed for $134.95, however trying to buy it just redirects to the homepage.

I also saw this Game of Gnomes statue that will surely be the big ticket item of Christmas 2017.

Alas, it appears that Amazon Australia's really gearing up. On Monday morning, a summit will be held in Sydney hosted by Amazon, the Australian Retailers Association and the SME Association of Australia aimed to give guidance on how Australian businesses can reach new heights using Amazon Marketplace.

Prepare yourselves.

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    Alas, it appears that Amazon Australia's really gearing up.'Alas'? Why 'Alas'. I thought we were all waiting for this?

      Glad someone else gets annoyed by this.

      For anyone confused: "Alas" is not a positive term! It expresses grief. For example: "Alas, the demise of my empire approaches!" cried Gerry Harvey.

      Because it is not good for local retailers. What is good for us jepodises other people’s livihood. So sure there are some positives but there is always a cost

    Confused 'alas' with a concat for 'at last' maybe? It seems like a word that a few people use because it sounds nice, but doesn't carry the meaning they use it for.

    used to express grief, pity, or concern.
    "alas, my funds have some limitations"

    Last edited 12/11/17 2:50 pm

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