You Can Buy A Great 4K OLED TV For Under $2400 Right Now

Image: LG

Need a new TV? If you've been hanging out to see a 4K OLED TV drop to a price that doesn't melt your wallet, here it finally is.

Head to the Good Guys eBay listing for the OLED55C7T, where you'll be able to apply the PULL20 coupon — you'll have to pay with PayPal for this to take effect.

The $2995 price that the Good Guys has flagged is already pretty good for the 55-inch C7T OLED, but cutting another 20 per cent off the price makes it nearly too good to ignore.

I don't need a new OLED TV, but right now, I want one.

This is only the second time that the C7T — an absolutely excellent 4K OLED screen, by all accounts — has dropped under $2500 in a sale. And that's really, really worth it.

Thanks, OzBargain! [eBay / OzBargain]

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