You Can Buy A Great 4K OLED TV For Under $2400 Right Now

Image: LG

Need a new TV? If you've been hanging out to see a 4K OLED TV drop to a price that doesn't melt your wallet, here it finally is.

Head to the Good Guys eBay listing for the OLED55C7T, where you'll be able to apply the PULL20 coupon -- you'll have to pay with PayPal for this to take effect.

The $2995 price that the Good Guys has flagged is already pretty good for the 55-inch C7T OLED, but cutting another 20 per cent off the price makes it nearly too good to ignore.

I don't need a new OLED TV, but right now, I want one.

This is only the second time that the C7T -- an absolutely excellent 4K OLED screen, by all accounts -- has dropped under $2500 in a sale. And that's really, really worth it.

Thanks, OzBargain! [eBay / OzBargain]



    55" is too small for any decent sized lounge room (IMO) and too expensive to warrant for a bedroom/entertaining area. Can get a pretty average one for $500 from kogan/JB etc etc.

    Make it 65"+ and you have a deal.

      The 65-incher is $3996. Still a crazy good price.

        I bought the Sony x9300e 65 in the same sale for approx $3k. Was so close to the lg OLED 55 but couldn't justify replacing my old 50 inch plasma with a 55 inch. Hopefully not regretting the choice

          How are you finding the 9300 dude? I'm looking at getting a 55" 9000 this weekend (seems best unit when cost and quality are taken into account) . The c7 was on my list though.... Very tempting

            So far so good.Normal HD TV channels looks pretty good . I've tested a few 4k/hdr videos on Netflix and its very very good. Super bright (you actually have to turn it down a little). Android tv is really good so far (plus in built chromcasting is a bonus for apps such as optussports that's not on Android tv yet), sound is superb for just tv speakers. A added bonus that I didn't realise was the wall mount was included (not sure if that's the norm these days) Personally if the price is similar for both 55s I'd go the lg oled just based on all the positive reviews but unfortunately at the 65inch price point couldn't justify the $1000 difference.

    I've got a 2007 40" Sony that's served me well but now has serious clouding in the bottom right corner. I've been holding out for a reasonably priced 4K OLED, but now it's arrived I've already spent all my money on a new vacuum cleaner.

      That sucks!

        You bought a $2400 vacuum cleaner? Woah.

          You should see this thing. I barely even have to pedal it.

          Alright, so I spent $200 on a vacuum cleaner and drank the rest in cheap cask wine. So what?

    I have a 60" tv right now so I can't downgrade in size... Once the 65" get closer to $3k I'll probably buy one. I think next year they will have HDMI 2.1 with variable refresh rate anyway.

    Wait 55" is too small???... wow my 42 inch plasma is way overdue for an upgrade... hmmm maybe i'll buy a vacuum cleaner instead

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