Tickets For The Last Jedi Go On Sale In Australia Tomorrow

Tickets For The Last Jedi Go On Sale In Australia Tomorrow
Image: Gizmodo

Get your credit cards ready, and get ready to mash F5 to refresh your Web browser and hopefully melt some poor server somewhere: tickets for Star Wars: The Last Jedi go on sale in Australia tomorrow afternoon.

Here’s the rub: we still don’t know exactly when. “Tomorrow afternoon” is all we’ve been given to go off from multiple cinema chains, and Star Wars studio Disney is apparently being very, very particular about what information can be shared with customers before the digital doors are flung wide open.

But we do know a few things. IMAX Melbourne, for example, will have 3D sessions every three hours from 12:01AM on Thursday December 14 until 11:58PM on Friday December 15 — a full 16 sessions in the first 24 hours of the movie’s screening. The first two sessions will be restricted to the cinema’s Big League members, and every session until Boxing Day at least will be in 3D, but 2D sessions may be on the cards for IMAX Melbourne later. So there’ll be a lot of sessions to choose from.

We can also guess at a few things. It’s almost certain that all cinemas will go on sale at very nearly the same time — so if you see Hoyts has tickets for The Last Jedi on sale, it’s very likely that Event Cinemas will as well. And, of course, we know very well that tickets will sell out fast — so you’d better be quick.

Oh, and there’s a trailer tomorrow too…