This Kitchen Thermometer Is (Apparently) So Good, They Called It ‘Perfect’

This Kitchen Thermometer Is (Apparently) So Good, They Called It ‘Perfect’
Image: Kickstarter

Imagine being so confident about your new gadget — a kitchen thermometer, of all things — that when you were picking a name for it, you called it the Perfect.

A Kickstarter for the “ultimate kitchen thermometer” explains the rationale in some very Swedish voice-overs from the team at Professional Secrets, a kitchen tool company. Thermometers are admittedly important in cooking — they’ll save you from over-cooked meat or fish, and they’re practically mandatory for tempering chocolate and making sauces — but professional probes are very expensive; a Thermapen will cost you north of $150 in Australia. But perfect?

The justification is this: for its price, the Perfect thermometer is built like a professional probe, with a very thin stem that won’t rip a giant gaping hole in the meat you’re checking the internal temperature of. It’s very fast to get an accurate reading, too — under two seconds. Clearly that’s a huge leap forward from the three seconds of a Thermapen or the five (or, god forbid, even more) seconds of other digital thermometers. It has a digital display on the end that’ll flip to whichever orientation you’re using it in. It’s waterproof, too, and has a protective carry case.

That all sounds great. But perfect? I mean, it looks nice. But it’s bigger than its competitors, for one. And it’s not especially cheap. And what’s a difference of one second going to do for your cooking? But hey, I’m not a professional chef. Who am I to judge.

Still keen? About $90 will secure you an early pledge for the Perfect thermometer, which is a $20 saving off the expected $110 retail price in Australia. [Kickstarter]