This Floating 3D Hologram Looks Like It Was Stolen From Tony Stark's Laboratory

Video: During a recent business trip to China, the folks at Big Screen Video, an Australian company that makes giant digital signage, found a brilliant little gadget that appears to replicate the 3D floating holograms Tony Stark uses in his laboratory.

What you're actually seeing is a 3D animation being played back on a handheld fan that uses LED-covered blades to function as a display when the entire thing is spinning. That's why you're also seeing those rotating black lines slicing through the animation; the motion of the spinning blades doesn't quite line up with the shutter of the camera recording this video. To the naked eye, this would be an even more convincing illusion, and without knowing the secret behind it, the hologram could make anyone wonder if someone has already secretly recreated Stark's Iron Man armour as well.

[Instagram via Prosthetic Knowledge]



    So the fan is spinning that fast that it's creating a persistence of motion illusion?

    ... Without anything protecting anyone from losing a finger or an eye?

      Just don't touch the fan. Ceiling fans have no protection around them and spin at extremely high RPM and made of alloys. Just put some plexiglass in front of it wherever it's placed.

        Doesn't that completely defeat the purpose of this thing being an interactive '3D' display?

          motion tracking camera with gesture tracking is a simple thing to introduce nowadays and can be used on very low-end hardware, that or use eye-tracking which is also quite cheap and finally, you can use infrared proximity sensors to activate features. Lot of ways to use it is very plug and play software that a competent programmer could introduce in a week or two.

    don't they already use those in novelty clocks?

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