These Awesome Blade Runner 2049 Posters Will Be Free At New York Comic Con

Image Cache: It's the eve of one of the biggest pop culture events of the year, New York Comic Con, and nothing says Comic Con like free stuff. Most of the time, free stuff at conventions sucks, but that is decidedly not the case with these gorgeous Blade Runner 2049 posters.

All Images: Bottleneck Gallery

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Bottleneck Gallery has teamed up with Warner Bros. to give out these super cool Blade Runner 2049 posters, for free, at its booth (number 2160) at New York Comic-Con, during the final three days of the convention.

There won't be a giveaway on Thursday — but the poster on Friday, the day the film opens in the US, will be this piece by artist Matt Ferguson, which we're exclusively debuting.

Saturday, Karl Fitzgerald took a crack at the film with this image courtesy of /Film.

And then Sunday, Raid 71 took a trip to futuristic Los Angeles with this poster, courtesy of Collider.

Each will be available for free at the Bottleneck booth, but unfortunately for collectors, they aren't screen prints. They're merely lithographs. Still, they're free, so you can't really complain. And even if you don't get one, they're damn pretty to look at either way.

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