There's A Star Wars Robot Vacuum Now

Image: Samsung

Alongside a new trailer and tickets on sale for Star Wars: The Last Jedi yesterday, and a stunt on Sydney Harbour, there was another announcement. An even cooler one. A robot one.

Samsung has not one, but two robot vacuums from the VR7000 series themed for Star Wars, one black and white like a stormtrooper's helmet and one in shiny black like Darth Vader's iconic helmet. We actually said that the VR7000 looked like Darth Vader when it launched, so, you're welcome, I guess?

The Darth Vader version of the VR7000 is the better one, as you'd expect — it has Wi-Fi and a remote control, where the lowly stormtrooper has neither. But both have sound effects from Star Wars — the Darth Vac will breathe in that inimitable noise when it powers on.

The VR7000 is a pretty decent robot vacuum by all accounts, although I haven't tried one out myself. I can vouch for Samsung's more powerful robot vacuums like the VR9300, but, y'know, I want this one. Because Star Wars.

Samsung originally planned to make the announcement on Force Friday, but the release was pushed back to the ticket on-sale date. At the moment, the Star Wars limited edition POWERbot will only go on sale in the US, with pre-orders open on Samsung's website. We'll let you know if they end up coming to Australia too. [Samsung]

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