The Newest Black Panther Trailer Is An Afrofuturist Wonderland

One of the craziest things about the Black Panther hype is that we haven't actually seen a proper trailer yet. Everything up until now has technically been from sizzle reels and teasers. The first official trailer, though? It's going to blow your mind.

Image: Marvel

One of the more interesting things about Marvel's cinematic universe is that the Black Panther and the whole of Wakanda have just been there this entire time watching as aliens and insane robots have tried to destroy the world. Up until this point, the Wakandans have been perfect fine keeping to themselves. In the new trailer for the film, you finally get a sense of just why Wakanda isn't bothered with the rest of the world's bullshit. It's because Wakanda's basically in the goddamn future.

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