The Latest The Punisher Promo Is An Unsettling Flashback

Video: The promotional campaign for Netflix's The Punisher is getting a little off kilter. To wit, its latest Instagram promo video is one of the most unsettling superhero-related things I've ever seen.

Image: Marvel Studios/Netflix

The Instagram Story, captured for posterity by Twitter user @Tin_Pan_Ali, shows a dazed Punisher wandering against a flickering screen of a background, memories flashing over it. You see his past, his time in the military, the death of his family... A lot of death, a lot of horror, set to an eerie soundtrack of dissonant hisses and drone.

Normally, I wouldn't consider a little Instagram promo like this worth a full post, but this just got under my skin. It shows The Punisher not as an avenging warrior, or even a "badarse" killer. Just a confused man, traumatised, in need of help. Drawing a gun with no one to shoot.

I'm not going to be able to get this one out of my head for a while. You can watch it below.


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