The iPhone X Line In Sydney Has Become A Parody Of Itself

Image: Luke Hopewell

A few days before the Friday launch of the iPhone X, there's a line outside the Apple Store in Sydney. And this one might be the worst one yet, but not for the reasons you might think.

Passed onto us by former Gizmodo editor and perennial iPhone line snooper Luke Hopewell, the photo above shows the very Aussie tradition in action of marking your spot in line with a shitty $5 Kmart camping chair, but there's more to this story.

The person at the start of the line is someone called Dave Lee, and he wants to get famous.

Dave Lee, apparent YouTuber and creator of videos like JEW Asks Americans About ISLAM and Which ASIAN GIRLS Are The MOST BEAUTIFUL -- and a whole bunch of uncomfortably racially themed videos, actually -- has put together a Facebook group called WE ARE MAKING iPHONE GREAT AGAIN. At the moment, it has 33 members.

In the group's description, Lee sets out what he sees as some ground rules for the uncomfortable line-up of cheap woven plastic and painted aluminium outside the Apple Store, which he wants to be the start of "the worlds longest line" (sic) over the next few days before the iPhone X's Friday morning launch. He wants to make iPhone great again, you see.

As first in the line, Lee will police it: "Your position is safe, we will work together to secure everyone's position in the line. Whenever you pass by to check the seats, please take a photo or video of the line so everyone has live updates of the line."

Oh, and there are regulations to follow if you want to... stand outside a store for a week next to complete strangers in a construction zone: "Everyone in the line is expected to check the line and post a picture or video daily or your position will be replaced by the person behind."

This is just embarrassing.

Since he got to the start of the dozen-person line six days ago, Lee has made six videos about his experience -- one of which is a "Homeless Social Experiment". His 17,000 subscribers have delivered Lee around 5500 views on his videos, more than half of which come from his first upload. Others, like "iPHONE X APPLE STORE SABOTAGE", have been somewhat less successful.

He's also promoting his "FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD" called 8 Powerful Laws To Build Courage In The Face Of Adversity in the description of his YouTube videos, and his Instagram account (currently at 288 followers). And his Snapchat account.

It's not unusual for whoever's sitting at the start of an iPhone line to tout their own website or to promote a company, but this is verging on ridiculous.

But don't worry or be cynical about any potential shameless attention seeking going on, because as Dave tells us in his Facebook group: "remember this is a team effort !!!!!!!

"Yayyyyyyy :)"

This is the worst iPhone line ever.

By the way, this begs the usual question we ask at this time of year -- it looks like nobody was even there when the photo was taken. What's to stop someone coming and stealing all the chairs, or just standing at the front of the queue and claiming it as their spot? Literally nothing, that's what.

Back in my day, we lined up for two weeks and didn't leave but for the occasional bathroom break. And we donated to charity. Weak, Dave. [Twitter]



    These people are cancer on our city with all the road works going on. That section of George street is narrow enough and challenging to get through during the day as it is.

      I used to work in the building directly behind the Apple store on George st, back during the launches of the 5 and 5s. As annoying as it is trying to get past the crowd on George st, I guarantee you that it was 10 times more annoying not being able to get in/out of your office for a coffee/smoke/lunch/whatever because people were actually sleeping in the doorway!

      At least when the 5s line happened someone (Apple? Council?) hired security to keep people from being pests and blocking the doorways. Still took over 5 minutes to get the 15 metres from the corner of King and George into the doorway.

        Stand on them, simple. Blow smoke into their lungs while they sleep.

      Absolutely ridiculous. Bunch of bastards taking the space to need to line up - since no one is going to buy it just walk in and take it you fuckers

      35 spots today, but only 3-4 actually there at 8am.
      Also, 4 signs saying they were selling their spot.

    aw man, i hope the council comes along and bins all their chairs.
    or better yet, some big burly bloke just comes and stands at the front and holds his ground.

    I object to the term 'perennial iPhone line snooper'. I much prefer 'guy who found some stupid people during his morning commute to the office'.

      I think you've complained about the iPhone line every year since you moved to Sydney.

        and so he should, they're cancerous and need to be told so.

    I think people shouldn't be able to use the word social experiment unless they provide qualifications, a thesis and study for peer review.

    Homeless camp in the city its a state govt political football that wasn't resolved to improve the homeless situation and only just moved them on, but here comes Dave waiting for an iPhone to save the day with his experiment.

    There's a mistake in the article Cam...

    Passed onto us by former Gizmodo editor and perennial iPhone line snooper Luke Hopewell

    Shouldn't that be

    Passed onto us by disgraced former Gizmodo editor and perennial iPhone line snooper Luke Hopewell

      what's your address, my lawyer wants to send you something

        Did I say disgraced? I meant beloved. Beloved former Gizmodo editor.

        Monday mornings, am I right?

    The cost of the iPhoneX is a farce, removing thumb scanner is a farce, availability is a farce, and the icing on the cake is this line is a farce...
    I love it! :)

    Yeah, that ain’t a legitimate line, anyone who wants to walk right to the front has my blessings. What is Lee going to do about it? Now, I’m going to assume Lee is a millennial so talking to a stranger ain’t going to happen, neither is actually standing up for himself if someone was to just walk up to the front.

    Take the persons photo and post it to social media? ✅

    Get on Twitter and complain? ✅

    Make a complaint video for YouTube? ✅

    Snapchat his quarrel to his followers?✅

    Get outta here, Lee.

      Mind you, Lee is in Australia so he’s definitely drunk and looking for a scrap so, who knows, maybe there’s another king hit/coward punch article on the horizon?

        I watched the first few seconds of one of his videos, you'd fart and break what little spine he has. Though his beard would break his fall.

    Can't you pre order the iPhone? Like what's the point lining up, you will still get one on release day.

      They want to be the first person in the world to own one, after the Apple Staff, close friends of Apple execs, certain celebrities...

      I’m not sure if NZ is selling them on launch day, if so, they’ll be the first ones, sorry.

    haha what a bunch of dopes

    Without actual people present,
    Those chairs are hard rubbish.I wish council would remove them and fine the dumpers.

    As a long time reader of Giz I have a lot of respect for the site and your writing Campbell, but the tone of this article comes across as a little jarring and makes me feel somewhat sorry for the guy.

    I never did quite understand the whole camping out waiting in line thing though... and I suppose you did give him his 15 minutes.

      He's the guy that chose to line up! And make a bunch of videos. And promote his e-book.

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