R2-D2 Goes Evil, A Gremlin To Call Your Own, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

R2-D2 Goes Evil, A Gremlin To Call Your Own, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular weekly roundup of all the toys you’ll want to blow your paycheck on, instead of buying groceries, paying rent, or other more responsible purchases. This week we’ve got an Imperial entry in Sphero’s line of interactive droids, a cartoon version of Boba Fett, and a bunch of New York Comic Con exclusives. Check it out!

Lego BrickHeadz Boba Fett & Han Solo double-pack

New York Comic Con got under way yesterday in the Big Apple, and being lucky enough to attend the show isn’t quite enough to grab this NYCC-exclusive Lego BrickHeadz double-pack. The 329-piece, $US40 ($51) set is only available to New York Comic Con attendees who win a pre-show lottery, and then are able to find Lego’s mobile experience truck. (Hint: It’s probably parked right outside the convention center.) Non-winners will still be able to purchase other BrickHeadz sets at the show, but why bother?

Marvel Legends New York Comic Con Reveals

Speaking of New York Comic Con, Hasbro had a few more reveals up its sleeve for the 6″ Marvel Legends line of action figures. A few we knew were coming, like the new Mister Fantastic (far-right, complete with elongated arms!) and Shi’ar warrior Gladiator (far-left), but also on the way, from left to right, there’s Prowler, minor X-Men member Multiple Man, the classic version of Taskmaster, and Spider-Man Noir. All these figures are expected to be released in early months of 2018.

Sphero Interactive R2-Q5 Imperial Droid

As much as R2-Q5 looks like R2-D2, the black and orange astromech droid is actually Artoo’s evil doppelgänger. Instead of helping the rebellion, he works for the Empire, serving as a spy, mechanic, and all-around hench-bot. Given the chance, he’d happily push C3PO down the stairs, so maybe he’s not all bad? If you prefer your droids to serve the dark side, Sphero’s R2-D2 now comes in a gloriously glossy R2-Q5 alternative, and will initially be available at the company’s New York Comic Con booth, in limited quantities, for $US200 ($257).

Hot Toys 1/6th-Scale Boba Fett Animation Version

We all remember Boba Fett carting off a carbonite-entombed Han Solo at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, but the bounty hunter was actually first introduced to Star Wars fans during the ill-fated 1978 holiday special, in an animated short that was the only halfway tolerable part of the show. He was coloured differently than the Boba Fett we remember from the movies, which Hot Toys is commemorating in this sixth-scale figure available for pre-order at New York Comic Con. The colours might be unorthodox, but the figure features Hot Toys’ usual over-the-top attention to detail and accessorizing, from seven different swappable hands to Mandalorian armour and weapons. [Hot Toys]

Star Wars New York Comic Con Reveals

The galaxy far, far away also stopped by New York Comic Con to reveal even more toys from The Last Jedi and beyond due for release early next year, after the latest movie finally hits theatres this December. Up top are new entries in the 10cm “Force Link” figures, including Finn disguised as a First Order officer and Captain Phasma with her new spear from The Last Jedi, alongside Maz Kanata and ill-fated X-Wing pilot Ello Asty from The Force Awakens.

Meanwhile, the next wave of the 15cm Black Series line will mark the arrival of a new kind of paint application for the figure’s faces — technology already used in Hasbro’s Marvel figures — to give them even more accurate and detailed likenesses. Both Rey and Benicio del Toro’s mysterious slicer D.J. from The Last Jedi will be part of the first wave with the new improvements, alongside a trio of classic original trilogy characters: Lando Calrissian in his Return of the Jedi palace guard disguise, and two bounty hunters from the motley crew shown in Empire Strikes Back, 4-LOM (far-left) and Dengar (far-right).

Legend of Zelda Classic Sword

Years of saving Hyrule again and again have presumably left Link with an amazing sword collection. Replicas of some of his most memorable blades are plentiful online — including the revered master sword — but we’re pretty sure this is the first time you can own Link’s original weapon. The 8-bit NES version of Legend of Zelda wasn’t known for its mind-blowing graphics, however, which is why this sword looks more like a novelty popsicle. What it does have going for it is motion-activated sound effects, an impulse-friendly $US20 ($26) price tag, and a healthy dose of nostalgia. [ThinkGeek]

VTech Star Wars Smartwatches For Kids

What defines a smartwatch? Does it have to receive text messages, or track your heart rate? VTech’s new Star Wars-themed wearables does neither of those things, but kids — and wannabe Jedis — probably won’t care because in addition to being able to snap photos and record videos, these smartwatches, available in three different designs, include motion-activated lightsaber, droid, and spaceship sounds. My Apple Watch can’t do that, and it cost me well north of the $US70 ($90) VTech wants for these wearables. Anyone else dealing with buyer’s remorse right now? [VTech]

Gremlins Evil Stripe Puppet Replica

Gizmo might have been the adorable hero of the fondly-remembered Gremlins films, but the evil mogwais stole every scene they were in. So as Halloween quickly approaches, we can’t help but feel this rubber Stripe puppet would be the perfect sidekick while you’re handing out candy and trying to terrorize the neighbourhood kids. You’re going to also want to make sure this 22-inch tall replica never gets wet, but not because it might spawn other Gremlins. With a $US200 ($257) price tag you’re just going to really want to take good care of it. [ThinkGeek]