Qantas And Uber Team Up For Rides To The Airport

Image: Uber / Qantas

Getting a ride home from the airport after a long flight might now just get that little bit easier. Qantas and Uber have kicked off a partnership that lets you book a car through the new Qantas app, netting you some sweet Frequent Flyer points along the way.

The redesigned Qantas app is pretty swish -- you can check on destinations and set price alerts as well as actually booking flights, hotels, activities and rental cars at your port of call -- but Qantas wants you to use it from the second you start thinking about a holiday to the second you get back home from one. And part of that, probably the most stressful part of it all, is the day of departure -- leaving your house and getting to airport check-in.

Conveniently for the narrative I'm weaving, one particular car service has pickup and drop-off points designated at all major Aussie airports within its app. In yet another blow to Australia's taxi industry, Qantas has thrown in its lot with ride-sharing app Uber -- and you'll be able to book your ride to the airport using the Qantas app's new Uber option, with an incentive to do so in the first place.

From November 3, if you book an Uber to the airport through the Qantas app you'll score a few Frequent Flyer points for doing so -- one point per dollar if you're a Bronze member, two if you're silver and three for any of the high-flying elite Gold, Platinum or Platinum One members above that. If you're not already an Uber member, signing up through the Qantas app gets you a lazy 2000 extra Frequent Flyer points. [Uber / Qantas]



    When will Uber be integrating sexual harassment and discrimination functions into their own app?

    Will Alan Joyce allow them to integrate such features into future iterations of the Qantas App?

    Did the world's safest airline just partner with the world's most unsafe transport company ? What benefit is there for Qantas or its passengers ? Aren't Taxi's or Hire Cars able to provide the same service with actual proper safety controls ? Why not partner with them ? Unsafe Qantas, very unsafe. Might be a nice lawsuit when the first QF Uber passenger is sexually assaulted or worse. Recommended and ridden at your peril.

    Why does Qantas with its good brand name want to be partners with Uber who has a tardy reputation?

    They say that opposites attract.

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