What Would You Have Called Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Within a matter of minutes after Ron Howard announced the name of his upcoming Han Solo prequel film, Star Wars fans flocked to Twitter to express their distaste for the (admittedly) straightforward title: Solo: A Star Wars Story. Here's the thing, though, the name is perfectly fine.

Image: Disney

Solo might not be nearly as cryptically-dramatic a name as, say, The Last Jedi or The Phantom Menace, but it's a simple, succinct double entendre that lets you know exactly who the movie's about and just how much of a loner he is at heart. But, seeing as pretty much everyone else is ragging on Solo's title, we're very curious to hear what you would have called the movie? What's the incredibly clever, thought-provoking title that Ron Howard and Disney should have gone with instead? Bring your A-game, folks, and remember that someone already made that very good One Rogue: A Star Wars Story joke hours ago.


    The Thirst Crusher!
    Low on fizz, so you can slam it down fast!

    "Star Wars episode 3.5
    Han Solo Origins: The Millenium Falcon Rises
    A Star Wars Story (episode #2)"

    If there wasn't a hugely popular lemon-flavoured semi-fizzy drink by the same name, this would be a great title.


    Ron Howard's got some advantage over me in that he knows what the movie is actually about, but I think a single-word title like 'Falcon' could be an effective way to draw upon the single-word punchy title without invoking imagery of trademark infringements.

      If there wasn't a hugely popular lemon-flavoured semi-fizzy drink by the same name, that uses the same colours, this would be a great title.

      The name is fine in my opinion, but the visual of the logo makes me thirsty.

    Han Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Pretty simple change that one


    Han Solo: How I met your Mother
    Han Solo: Before I shot first
    White Men Can't Jump (to Hyperspace)
    Look Who's Scruffy Now
    12 Parsecs

    but really just having his full name in there sounds heaps better.

    Han Solo: The Ballad of the Kessel Run

    Return of the Nerfherder

    Like I said in the announcement thread:

    Rejected Titles:
    Han Solo and the [Improbable Object] of [Location], in tribute to the Brian Daley books.
    Tag and Bink are Unneccessary

    Yeah surely the movie's got more going for it than "Yep it's all about Han Solo". It's not like they called Rogue One; Erso a Star Wars Story. It's not just about the Erso family.

    Similarly, surely this movie has more going for it, than simply Han Solo.

    it doesn't help that Star Wars yellow is pretty much the same as Solo drink yellow. So not only is the name the same, but also the branding colour

    Given I have no idea what the movie is about, for a story which covers how he got the Falcon:

    The Falcon Gambit

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