Logitech Made A Trackball Mouse, Because Everything Old Is New Again

Consider these events: Microsoft releases the Intellimouse. You can’t find a Super Nintendo for love nor money. And now Logitech is making a new trackball. What year is it?

The new mouse-esque Logitech MX ERGO (concordantly, vis a vis) has an adjustable hinge that tilts by up to 20 degrees across the lateral plane, letting you use it in a position that’s more comfortable for your wrist — 20 per cent more comfortable, Logitech says.

The trackball itself is more precise than ever, and has a ‘precision mode’ that changes the sensitivity on the fly for you to be even… more… precise. There’s no word on whether you can pull out the trackball and play with it while you’re bored, which seems like a massive oversight to us but, y’know.

The MX ERGO (VIS A VIS. CONCORDANTLY) also has forward and backward buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, and dual-mode smart switching between Bluetooth or Logitech’s Unifying USB receiver (included, obvs) and a microUSB cable to charge the battery — although you’ll only need it once every four months.

The new Logitech trackball mouse is out now, and will set you back $129.95. [Logitech]