HP Unveils Its Most Powerful Detachable PC The ZBook x2

HP Unveils Its Most Powerful Detachable PC The ZBook x2
Image: Supplied

This week at Adobe MAX, HP unveiled the ZBook x2. Its most powerful detachable PC so far. Billed as HP’s first detachable PC workstation, the ZBook x2 is targeted at artists, designers and digital imaging professionals and will be released in Australia in late December.

With prices starting from $3,999, the ZBook x2 is a high-end detachable PC that boasts 73 per cent higher graphics performance than the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Sporting Intel i7 Quad-Core processors, NVIDIA Quadro M620 graphics and 32GB of DDR4 RAM, it’s easy to believe HP’s claims that the ZBook x2 is a powerful device.

The trade-off for the increase in power is a significant increase in weight. The ZBook x2 tips the scales at 2.17kg in laptop mode (1.65kg in tablet mode) compared to the Surface Pro’s svelte 768g.

The ZBook x2 can be used in four modes: laptop, detached, docked and tablet. Detached mode is simply tablet mode with access to the keyboard.

Each mode has its own uses for the creative professionals that HP believes are turning to multiple devices to suit their needs.

It comes with a battery-less, HP-designed pen based on Wacom EMR technology and the ZBook x2 itself has up to 10 hours of battery life.

The HP ZBook x2 is scheduled for release in Australia in late December 2017 with prices starting from $3,999.