Here’s Vodafone’s Plan Pricing For The iPhone X

Here’s Vodafone’s Plan Pricing For The iPhone X
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Pre-orders for the iPhone X open up this evening at 6:01PM AEDT, but a couple of telcos are announcing their pricing a few hours early. Virgin Mobile was first out of the gates, but now it’s time for Vodafone — and its cheapest plan is pretty tempting.

The cheapest iPhone X you can get from Vodafone is a 64GB model on a 36-month contract, where you’re paying off the device’s $1579 RRP at $43.86 per month plus a $30 Red plan with 2GB of data included. At $73.86 per month, that’s nearly $20 cheaper than Virgin’s $92 monthly 2GB plan over 24 months.

Vodafone’s hook is that its device repayments are exactly that, repayments — not a lease. At the end of your repayment period you own the phone completely, without having to pay anything when your contract is up. You can also purchase the device outright and get a SIM-only 12-month or no-contract plan.

If your hook yourself up with a pre-order on a $60 or $80 Red plan until November 2, you’ll also get a 10GB data bonus.

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