Google Pixel 2: Telstra's Plan Pricing And Australian Release Date

Image: Google

Google's newest Pixel has the best camera on any smartphone, and all of Google's latest and greatest features to boot. It's being released exclusively in Australia in partnership with Telstra -- and we finally know how much it'll cost and when you can get one.

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be released in Australia on October 31. This release date has been suggested for a while now, but now we're certain of it -- and it means the new Pixel will get into your hands before the iPhone X, if that's a point of differentiation that interests you.

You'll pay $1079 for the 5-inch Pixel 2 and $1399 for the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL outright through JB Hi-Fi, but you can also pay a minimum of $77 and $94 a month respectively for each phone on Telstra's 24-month Go Mobile Swap leasing plans. You can see the different prices for the six Go Mobile Swap variants here, ranging between 2GB and 100GB of data depending on your needs.

If you pre-order, you'll also get yourself a free Google Home Mini, valued at $79, thrown in. [Telstra]

Image: Telstra



    I was super super keen to get the XL as soon as it dropped, but I'm hearing some aweful things about the screen, its viewing angle and colour :(

      I've had a chance to play with both models over the past week, and i can say the supposed drawbacks of the screen are being overblown by the media. Its a perfectly good screen, albeit not as good as the current AMOLED crop on Samsungs high end devices. It is certainly better than the old Pixel and definitely a better overall screen than the iPhone 8/8+.

        Tell us more! Almost every YouTube review mentions it, and for 1400 big ones, I'd like to know the screen is decent.

    I was super keen about the XL until it was announced as a Telstra exclusive, looking like a Galaxy S8 is going to be my likely option if I want to move to Virgin Mobile, considering the new Huawei phones, which also look pretty nice appear to be Vodaphone and Optus only

      I personally think the Nexus models looked better over the Pixel's aesthetics.

      As for the Samsung S8, I'm quite happy after recently jumping ship from iOS for many years.

      Screen and camera is a major improvement over my iPhone 6S. Suffice to say there is two years between these handset's which isn't a fair comparison.

      My only gripe is the superfluous Bixby button - I remapped it to something more useful but think it's a tacky attempt to get users to use it...

      Is even the JB-HiFi model being sold locked to Telstra? Or is it unlocked???

        Only phones Telstra sells that are carrier locked are Pre-Paid devices, all devices which are typically sold on Post-Paid(e.g. Pixel XL 2) plans are completely carrier free and can be used with any service provider straight away.

      You can buy it directly from Google too. No carrier lock or contract that way.

    What a shamr, I thought google would be smarter and drop the exclusive nonsense!

    Anyone know what the internal storage is on this Pixel? And is there an option for adding memory?

      it says the storage on the image posted by the author and there is no expandable memory available on the Pixel line.

    I'm on the previous $127 plan for Pixel XL 128G and now I realize the new deal is way better than mine.. but Telstra agent informed me I could only upgrade to higher pricing bracket. So sad.
    For a former 128G Pixel XL plan at 127 AUD per month, it includes:
    12G Data (I asked them for extra data or there would be only poor 8G)
    Ultimate calls and messages in Australia (the same)
    Ultimate calls and messages in 8 International countries (yes not 15)

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