Former Hurricane Ophelia Is Making London Look Pretty Apocalyptic Right Now

If you're in London right now you might want to look out your window. It's disturbing to say the least.

Photo: AP

Photo: Jonathan Brady/WPA Pool/Getty Images

No, not that. That's just the Duchess of Cambridge dancing with Paddington Bear at Paddington Station to promote the movie Paddington 2. If you look up at the sky, however, you'll seeĀ an orange, apocalyptic hue — and it's all the fault of the cyclone formerly known as Hurricane Ophelia.

To be fair, Ophelia is now a post-tropical storm, but it's still incredibly bizarre for the region. Ophelia has brought Saharan dust and debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain into the area, creating a dense orange haze.

The bizarre sky has given us a good deal of what the internet does best. That's right, jokes.

And plenty of people are making references to the apocalypse, half-jokingly or not.

Are you in London? Do you have any photos of the sky? Share them with us before you're turned to dust in what we can only assume is the end. It was nice knowing you, Londoners.

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