eBay Has Another Big 20% Off Sale

eBay Has Another Big 20% Off Sale
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eBay is throwing more and more sales into the wind in recent months — maybe it’s worried about Amazon’s imminent launch. But sales are a good thing for you, the customer, because they mean discounts. This latest sale slashes 20 per cent off the price of a lot of tech — you can score yourself a discount of up to $1000, too, and on multiple items.

Here’s a few of the stores on the list that I’ve used in the past:


Ryda Online

Camera Store Australia

All you have to do is use the code PICK20UP when you’re ordering, and pay through PayPal. The deal runs until midnight on October 9, so you’ve got a few days to search and find the best possible deal.

This link will let you search through the stores that have the 20 per cent off deal in place. You can find the full list of participating stores on OzBargain. It’s always worth checking through the comments to get an idea of what deals are worthwhile, too. [OzBargain]