Deals: Get Access To 100+ Programming Courses

From HTML to CSS, there are hundreds of programming languages out there, and companies across every industry are willing to pay top dollar for those skilled in them. While you could go the conventional route and sink four years of study at a university, SitePoint Premium offers an alternative that will get you up to speed with today’s top programming tools for a fraction of the time and money.

Offering 24/7 access to more than 90 e-books, 100 courses, and 300 tutorials on topics ranging from HTML to JavaScript, SitePoint Premium can help elevate your programming knowledge. You’ll learn key coding frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, jQuery, Node, Ember, Sass, and more, plus, this training will get you up to speed with new techniques like animating using HTML5 canvas and managing data in iOS with iOS Core Data–all major, in-demand skills.

SitePoint Premium used to be on sale for $63 AUD, but you can get it at a new price drop for $51 AUD [$40 USD].

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