Corey Ate Nuggets, And Dozens Watched

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Image Cache: On Friday, chicken nugget enthusiast Corey Dunkin went to Maccas. A few people went along with him -- not the thousands that said they would, but more people than you'd reasonably expect to head out on a Friday night nugg run.

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By the time the event rolled around on Friday evening, 9900 people -- from around the world, mind you -- had registered their interest in attending the Facebook event, and fully half of those had said they'd come along for a nugget run to the George St McDonald's near Sydney's Town Hall. "Dozens" turned up, according to the Getty Images chronicler of the event, and Corey got plenty of press coverage too, including from TV news.

If you take the attendance of dozens versus the 5000 that said they'd go, it's a poor turnout. But that's Facebook events for you -- 'going' means you're interested, and 'interested' means you're not going. Corey Dunkin still had to pay for his meal, too. [Facebook]

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