Breath Of The Wild Looks So Good On PC Now

Emulators have been doing some great work in getting Breath of the Wild just playable on the Switch, let alone to a nice state. But if you haven't checked in with their progress lately, wow have they come a long way.

BSoD Gaming has posted a video comparing areas in Breath of the Wild on the Switch, versus the same areas on PC using the clarity setup for the CeMU emulator.

The difference is, quite literally, night and day. The contrast alone is worlds apart. The colour is more vibrant. The overall look is sharper, cleaner, and miles more evocative.

Of course, you can't officially play Breath of the Wild on PC. And if you want to run the game illegally at 8K - which CemU can do - you'll need hardware that costs thousands of dollars more than a meagre Switch will.

But still, it's always nice to see just how green the grass can be. It's fun to dream.

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