Black Panther Gets Some Truly Kickass Action Figures, And More Of The Coolest Toys Of The Week

Black Panther Gets Some Truly Kickass Action Figures, And More Of The Coolest Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular round-up of all the shiny new toys we’d very much like to buy this week. We’ve got some excellent Black Panther action figures, a truly gigantic K-2SO and even more Star Wars goodies, and Lying Cat. What else could you need, honestly?

Marvel Legends Black Panther Figures

With Black Panther on the way early next year, it can only mean one thing: lovely action figures to hype up the film for us to gaze upon. The first three 6″ figures from the Black Panther-themed wave are all from the movie: T’Challa himself in his upgraded suit, complete with an unmasked head, Erik Killmonger in his own tricked-out rival suit, and Lupita Nyong’o’s mysterious undercover agent character, Nakia. They will be joined by comic book versions of Black Bolt, Namor the Submariner, and Tony Stark in his Invincible Iron Man armour.

As ever with the Legends figures, each one comes with the severed body pieces of another. So collecting every figure in the wave – typically 6 in total – gets you the parts to build a figure, in this case, of Danai Guirira’s Dorae Milaje warrior leader, Okoye (far left in the above picture). You don’t want to just have Danai Gurira’s head sitting on your shelf, so you’ll want to get the whole set when it releases next year. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Sideshow Collectibles Life Size Rogue One K-2SO Figure

If the six-inch action figures you collected as a child just don’t excite you anymore, maybe it’s time to upgrade your collection. Yesterday, Sideshow Collectibles opened pre-orders for its new seven-foot, eight-inch-tall K-2SO figure that skimps on the action, but delivers on the details. You can really only pose the droid’s head, which includes light-up features, but this collectible is meant to be displayed, not played with. After spending $US8,900 ($11,589) on one, you won’t even want anyone breathing near it. [Sideshow Collectibles via Toyark]

Saga Funko Pop! Vinyls

Funko will never stop slowly absorbing every licence possible into its Pop! Vinyl Brand, but we won’t mind as long as it means getting Pops from the seminal comic book series Saga. Lying Cat! Alana! Marko! The Will! Prince Robot IV! Did I mention Lying Cat! These things will be a damn sight easier to get than those lovely, yet annoyingly-SDCC-exclusive action figures from Comic-Con 2016 are at least. The Saga pops will be available this Winter. [Funko]

ThinkGeek Mario Chain Chomp Lamp

A new Mario adventure hits the Nintendo Switch today, which is as good an excuse as any to upgrade to this Chain Chomp lamp created by ThinkGeek. The $US50 ($65) fixture, available sometime in December, features a rigid chain but the Chomp’s head can be pivoted to point in almost any direction, casting a soft LED glow on your desk and all the work you should be getting done instead of playing Odyssey. [ThinkGeek]

Star Wars: A New Hope Title Crawl Floor Runner

As an adult, your home is supposed to be filled with adult furnishings like throw pillows and floor runners. And now you can meet at least one of those expectations with this 77-inch long rug featuring a starfield and the entire opening crawl from the original Star Wars. For $US40 ($52) you might not actually want anyone walking across this with dirty shoes, but there’s nothing stopping you from turning it into a hanging tapestry. [ThinkGeek]

PPW Toys Star Wars: The Last Jedi Nesting Dolls

Kids might not realise it, but these Star Wars: The Last Jedi Matryoshka dolls are a brilliant way to sneak extra toys around. Available next week in both First Order and Resistance sets for $US17 ($22) each, it looks like you’re only carrying around a 13cm tall Rey or Kylo Ren figure, but in reality, they’re each hiding four additional toys inside. As long as your parents aren’t from Russia, they will be none the wiser. [PPW Toys]

Star Wars Darth Vader Teapot Set

We just had a Beauty and the Beast remake, but one more surely won’t hurt, especially if we replace Mrs. Potts with Darth Vader.

Be our guest, be our guest

Put our service to the test

Tie your napkin ’round your neck, cherie

And we’ll provide the rest

Soup du jour, hot hors d’oeuvres

Why, we only live to serve

Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious

Don’t believe me? [Force chokes you into submission]

You can find this ceramic, six-piece teapot set at ThinkGeek for $US60 ($78), and finally have something you’d be proud to pass down to your kids. [ThinkGeek]