Binging With Babish Explains The Importance Of A Good Knife, Pan And Thermometer

Video: So you’ve been binging Binging with Babish. You want to start cooking too. But first, you need some essential tools.

So you’ve got your steak. You need to trim it and dress it for the pan. What do you need for that? A knife. A good knife, or two, but you don’t need a whole knife block. Why does everyone love knife blocks so much?

And you don’t always want a non-stick pan. Sometimes you want a pan that food sticks to, like cast iron or stainless steel because then you can get some fond and deglaze it. And that’s just pure flavour. Non-stick is for everything else, sure, but you want to cook steak, right? Everyone wants to cook steak.

But a thermometer? A thermometer is what tells you when your steak is medium rare — you know, like it always should be.

And yeah, gloves, sauce pans, mixing bowls, cutting boards, blah blah blah — we don’t care about those, we’re cooking a steak. Steak steak steak.

Andrew Rea also has a list of the utterly basic kitchen essentials on his website. But watch the video, because hey, it’s Binging with Babish. And then buy the book. [YouTube / Binging with Babish / Amazon]