Australia Will Soon Make Its Last Commercial Car

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The last Holden car is expected to roll out of General Motors' assembly plant in Elizabeth, South Australia, on October 20, during a ceremony for employees. But an image that surfaced ahead of that appears to show the car in the process of being built. The car will be the last commercial car ever built in Australia.

It's been a long time coming. Ford was the first to announce, in 2014, that they planned to close their Australian plants. GM, which owns iconic Australian brand Holden, and Toyota quickly followed suit, saying that Ford's absence would make their presence unsustainable, such was the disruption of local parts supply chains.

Ford ceased production at its plants in October 2016, while the last Toyota -- a Camry, naturally -- rolled off the assembly line at its plant in Melbourne earlier this month.

That left GM-owned Holden, which started as a saddlery business in 1856, though in modern times the company has struggled to compete against higher-quality imports. The photo appears to show the shell of its signature sedan, the Commodore, which was first manufactured in 1978. The Commodore, which starts at around $39,954 Australian dollars will live on, Holden has said, but only in an imported version. Get a domestic while you can, Aussies.

I contacted Holden to see if they could confirm whether this photo is real and will update this post if I hear back.

A reminder of better times.



    The car will be the last commercial car ever built in Australia

    We can't know that. Motoring and transport are changing, there could be opportunities to build cars, or similar vehicles, here again.

    Sad and completely avoidable.

      Yeap, definitely avoidable.

      Unfortunately the automotive industry heads decided to bail and citied the unfounded excuse that manufacture costs in Australia were untenable.

      They just didn't want tighter conditions on the handouts and bailed.

        Have a look at the wages for holdens last EBA.

          It was a decision by Tony & Joe to pull the plug. Industry could see no way forward.

          Italy builds Ferraris. Germany builds Mercedes. Both are high-wage countries. Both have a carbon price. They collect higher proportions of their GDP in tax than Australia does, and their workers have access to more annual leave. But neither country finds it “impossible to compete with China”, and neither Germans nor Italians think that lower wages and lower corporate taxes are the only way to compete. Our myths about taxes and wages provide comforting excuses, but the one about a big country needing a big car was comforting too. Right up until it wasn’t.


            Only ignorant simpletons think wages were the reason our car industry died. The whole "Its all unions high wages fault" are just trying to pin anything on unions and wages due to a latent bias.

              I will definitely say I am biased I've dealt with them enough to see how corrupt they are, though that's mainly directed to the racist, sexiest, self serving cfmeu

                That funny because there was a massive royal commission, it cost us millions, and all they could find after 10,000's of hours was a few petty crimes.

                  Tell those petty crimes to the Vic courts, RE the case with boral , how many million was the CFMEU fined for? 3mill? or maybe the recent cases in both NSW and the ACT. Hang on isn't one of them in NSW facing jail time for his doings?

                  Na petty crime.

                  I am also going to edit to say my own personal view.

                  Lets see, oh my ex wife was sexually harassed at work, took it to, you guessed it the CFMEU, the outcome? she was moved into a different position with less hours, so less money. the perpetrator? nothing happened.

                  Then a few years later, I was a applying for a job and the MD asked me if I was in a union, I was hesitant to answer, but I did truthfully, then he told me about his wife and the HIA, same kinda story, but she complained against a board members son, so yeah she got it even worse.

                  Now to the ETU, lets see walked out of our EBA discussion because "we don't have enough employees to make it worth their time" lets just say after that, we all dropped union representation.

                  EBA following 3 years, tried to put in a KPI bonus scheme, shot down by the unions cause it was not fair on workers from other companies. it wasn't fair on our competition?

                  Spent a few years on construction sites, always great seeing busloads of illegal workers come in, they're allowed in though because the company owner has paid off the CFMEU, they used to keep a stack of them down the road from me years ago, formworkers, used to chat with them while I was on the way back from the shops, 2 bedroom hotel room, there's like 8 of them in one.

                  No ticket no work was awesome too, pay us money or you don't work. yeah good for peoples rights being forced into paying some one off.

                  One time during the howard era, I was on individual contract, it was awesome, I was the highest paid in my position where I worked, I was good at bargaining and as the boss saw it, I did more work and was better value then the others, I was paid for my skills and my hard work.
                  Then when it all got thrown out, I was put back on the same wage as the others because it wasn't fair on them. Boohoo you're a slacker so everyone suffer.

                  So yeah I don't really like the unions.

                  Last edited 16/10/17 7:16 pm

                Don’t dispair, there’s talk of the MUA, CFMEU and AMWU amalgamating in the future!

                Imagine the honesty!

                  Record low membership numbers will do that.
                  We have gotten to a point where government bodies and protections are making the unions less relevant. We're not in the 50's anymore.

              It is a bit delayed, but I did respond bellow as to why I am biased, may not always be correct, but bias will do that.

            It was a decision by Tony & Joe

            Tony and Joe don't decide to close the plants. That fell on the companies themselves.

            Industry could see no way forward.

            Actually, they could. The companies just saw the gravy train coming to an end and decided to bail at the last stop.

            Can't blame the Coalition for the demise. Unless you also blame Labor as the likes of Mitsubishi pulled out under Labor's watch.

              I guess you don't remember this...

              Hockey dares GM to leave
              The federal government has accused GM Holden of ingratitude and effectively issued the company its marching orders, making it likely the auto maker’s departure is a formality.


              As you can see Tony & Joe made it pretty clear. As part of their Union bashing agenda.

                Like you, I do remember.

                Unlike you, I'm not selective.

                As you can see Tony & Joe made it pretty clear.

                No, the agenda is your own imagination that (as you have done with your past posts) attempted (and failed) to pass as fact.

                The automotive industry brought the current outcome on themselves and no amount of fantasy from you or those who share the same illusion will change it.

                You lose again, Lee. You fantasy beaten by complete fact. Discussion over and the last I'm dealing with you desperate delusions.

            Conveniently forgetting the previous Labor government started pulling the plug on the useless subsidies keeping the corpses of Ford and Holden afloat. Gillard was PM when Ford pulled the plug and announced the manufacturing shutdown, not Tony. Check your facts.

            Ford and Holden made shiite quality, low featured cars with crap warranties and unstylish looks that hadn't changed for decades. People didn't buy them. They went broke. End of story. Tony and Joe did the best thing ever telling those losers to and stop taking taxpayers money for a product nobody wanted to buy.

    So no need to protect the local industry anymore so can we now drop all import tarrifs and get whatever we like from japan etc. NZ has it sorted

    it'll be fine... until there's another war in the Pacific and we can't get any imports because it's too dangerous for shipping.

      A new Korean war?

    @guestwhowould - Didn't I hear that on the Bolt Report, the story of the "Illegals working on a CFMEU construction site" The Age or SMH investigated and it turned out to be a complete lie.

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