Australia Says 'Yeah, Nah' To Alexa Doing Our Shopping

Image: Supplied

Australians are historically early adopters for most technology - particularly smartphones, and Siri. But when it comes to having our Google Home Assistant, or Amazon Echo's Alexa picking up some milk and bread for us - turns out we just aren't that keen.

A new survey from My Discount Deals says 20 per cent of us wouldn't even consider trusting a voice activated home assistant to do our shopping for us - ever - even though at least half of us shop online. Only five per cent of us have even used an Amazon Echo or a Google Home - and only 18 per cent of us reckon they will be a part of our normal lives in the future.

Y'all have trust issues, fam.

But maybe we just need some time to get used to them, I mean, they haven't been out for that long (not even long enough for shopping to be an option yet) - and 86 per cent of us have at least one smart internet connected device or appliances in our homes.

27 per cent of us say convenience is the motivation for shopping online, 23 per cent say it offers better deals and 19 per cent like the variety of choice it offers.

My thoughts? It really is only a matter of time. We will embrace voice activated shopping. It's the ultimate in laziness, really - it's the Aussie way.

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