Another Familiar Villain Will Return For The Avatar Movies

Another Familiar Villain Will Return For The Avatar Movies

Avengers 4 is casting for a funeral. There’s fresh rumours about the big bad of the Gambit movie. Director Josh Boone reveals the characters he’d like to add in a New Mutants sequel. Plus, new Thor: Ragnarok footage, and Karl Urban on his potential involvement with the Dredd TV show. Spoilers now!

Another Familiar Villain Will Return For The Avatar Movies

Avatar 2-5

Giovanni Ribisi will reprise his role as arsehole administrator of the human’s trip to Pandora, Parker Selfridge, in all four Avatar sequels, according to Deadline.

In related news, the sequel’s young cast visited Disney’s new Pandora-inspired theme park.


Omega Underground reports Candra, the virtually immortal telepath who debuted in Gambit #1, will be the film’s main villain.

Avengers 4

A new casting call up at Central Casting Georgia’s Facebook page is looking for extras to play “mourners”, presumably for a funeral scene. No details are given, but the ad is pretty explicit about the sizes of their sad people.

Mourners: Looking for men and women over the age of 18, all ethnicities, to portray mourners. Especially looking for good character looks and expressive faces. This will be photo selected by the film’s directors! Size restrictions: Men no larger than 44 coat, women dress size 0-8. FOR NEW FACES ONLY! You cannot have worked on this project previously, or be booked on upcoming days. NO EXCEPTIONS!

[MCU Exchange]


In the latest issue of SFX Magazine (via Screen Rant), Jason Momoa revealed Aquaman will become the King of Atlantis by the end of the film.

Aquaman, he’s not even really Aquaman yet. He’s not the King of the Seven Seas. We don’t really get there until my solo movie, at the end. Really, it’s a huge growth for me. It’s a gigantic arc for Arthur Curry. It may be tough for a lot of fans to watch what they’re gonna see, how I portray him. But you gotta wait until we get to the solo movie to really know. Because he’s not King yet.

In related news, Patrick Wilson has wrapped filming as Aquaman’s evil brother, Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master.

New Mutants 2

Josh Boone told IGN that he hopes to introduce both Warlock and Karma in the sequel.

I will say we’re going to introduce new characters in the next movie as well. Characters like Karma and Warlock, and all that will be in future movies.

Detective Pikachu

Filming on the new Pokémon movie about a talking Pikachu that solves criiiiiimes begins January, 2018 in London. [Omega Underground]

The Current War

The Weinstein-produced biopic on the rivalry between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, has been dropped from release, according to /Film.

Deadpool 2

Filming has wrapped on Deadpool 2, according to Ryan Reynolds on Facebook. Head over there to see his full post.

Ant-Man & The Wasp

More set photos of Paul Rudd running amok in full costume are available at Just Jared.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Filming has also wrapped on the latest X-Men, according to Simon Kinberg’s Instagram.

That's a wrap. #darkphoenix #xmenmovies 11.2.18

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Thor: Ragnarok

New footage abounds in the latest TV spot, including a warning from Doctor Strange.

Agents of SHIELD

That Hashtag Show reports the series is looking to cast a stunt performer in the role of Sals-Bek, a Kree assassin with one comic book appearance to his name: a 1995 Atlantis Rising tie-in, titled Inhumans: The Great Refuge.

Judge Dredd: Mega City One

Karl Urban spoke to Screen Rant about his recent negotiations with Rebellion.

Well, Rebellion, who owns the rights to Judge Dredd, are currently developing a television series called Mega-City One, and I’ve had many discussions with them about my involvement of which I am interested, and I said to them, ‘Listen, if you write a character that has a function and a purpose and contributes to the overall story, then I might be very interested in reprising that role.’ I certainly wouldn’t want to step into it and just pay lip service to the movie. There has to be some material there that warrants further exploration of that character. So the ball’s in their court.


Speaking with TV Line, Marc Guggenheim confirmed Willa Holland contractually has “a similar deal…as last year,” so you can expect Thea to have a similar amount of screentime this season. Maybe with most of it in a coma?


The gang finally make it back to the moon in the synopsis for episode seven, “Havoc in the Hidden Land.”

The Royal Family returns to Attilan and comes face to face with Maximus.

[Spoiler TV]


Mayor McCoy calls an emergency town meeting to discuss Archie’s vigilantism in the synopsis for four of the new season, “The Town That Dreaded Sundown.”

When Archie’s (KJ Apa) attempt to take matters into his own hands spirals out of control, Mayor McCoy (guest star Robin Givens) calls an emergency town hall meeting to deal with the growing chaos in Riverdale. Meanwhile, when Betty (Lili Reinhart) finds herself at the center of a deepening mystery, her decision to keep some parts of it from Jughead (Cole Sprouse) causes further friction between the two. Elsewhere, Veronica (Camila Mendes) grows concerned for Archie when she realises the lengths he would go to seek revenge against the person terrorizing Riverdale. Finally, tensions between the North and Southside finally come to a head and leads to an unexpected showdown.

[Spoiler TV]

Teen Titans

Anna Diop posted a video of herself undergoing a VFX scan in preparation for her role as Starfire on Twitter.

Legends of Tomorrow

Entertainment Weekly has out first look at Bettina Strauss in the role of Zari, the future hacker inspired by the comics superhero known (rather unfortunately in 2017) as the Mighty Isis.

Another Familiar Villain Will Return For The Avatar Movies
Another Familiar Villain Will Return For The Avatar Movies
Another Familiar Villain Will Return For The Avatar Movies
Another Familiar Villain Will Return For The Avatar Movies


Finally, Solomon Grundy debuts in the promo for October 19th’s episode, “The Blade’s Path,” which tragically, is on a Thursday — the day Grundy “takes ill”, as per the nursery rhyme. Since Gotham changed time slots, the zombified gangster cannot proclaim “BORN ON A MONDAY” and mean it with any real currency. For shame!