Amaysim’s New Mobile Plans Are Incredibly Cheap

Amaysim’s New Mobile Plans Are Incredibly Cheap
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If you don’t use a hell of a lot of data on your phone — maybe you’re on Wi-Fi all the time, or maybe you’re just careful — it can be hard to find a cheap mobile plan. Amaysim has always been a reliable go-to, but its lowest-priced plans have become even cheaper — as little as $10 a month.

Two new SIM-only plans from Amaysim target the low end of the market, although the budget telco calls them “small but mighty”. They’ll sit right at the bottom end, but Amaysim will now have plans between $10 and $50 for between 1GB and 14GB of data.

The new month-by-month plans are $10 for 1GB and $20 for 2.5GB, a significant price drop from the existing $25 for 2GB plan that was previously Amaysim’s cheapest. Along with that data, you get unlimited calls and messages.

Half of all Aussies use less than 1GB of data a month, and one fifth spend $20 or less on their mobiles, so these plans have some definite appeal. With Amaysim’s new low-data plans, excess data beyond the limit is charged at $10 per 1GB automatically if you’re postpaid, but if you’re a prepaid customer you’ll still have to manually select a data add-on pack.

It’s worth remembering that Amaysim’s monthly plans only last 28 days, too, so you’ll be paying a little extra every year versus a 30- or 35-day plan provider. Vaya has a 1.5GB plan for $16 monthly, measured by calendar month, also with unlimited calls and messages. [Amaysim]

Amaysim Is Launching An Online Tech Store Today

From today, Amaysim is extending its signature no-lock-in-contract-at-super-reasonable-prices offering to devices, too. Starting with smartphones and tablets from today, with announced plans to move into laptops, drones, personal audio, gaming and VR.

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