Would You Buy A FC Barcelona Smartphone From Oppo?

The Oppo R11 is a mid-range phone with a surprisingly good dual camera, and it's already available in black, gold or red. But what if you were an obsessive fan of professional football club FC Barcelona? Would you buy a red and blue and gold R11, complete with 18-karat gold plated FC Barcelona logo and FC Barça-themed Android skin?

You know what, though? Full credit to Oppo, to be honest — as special editions of phones go, this FC Barcelona one is mint. I've got one of the special edition handsets on my desk right now and it looks great. It's really, really well done. But it's a niche gadget — you're not going to get too many Barça fans in Australia, that are looking for new phones, that are looking for new mid-range phones, that really want one in Barça colours. (Are you one? Are you out there? Let us know in the comments below.)

It does help that the R11 is a good phone in the first place — it's more than powerful enough for everyday use and has a good dual camera setup, and it's well built. The same phone chassis forms the basis of the OnePlus 5, albeit with more powerful hardware inside, that I've been using for the last week. Cases are cheap, screen protectors are cheap... And you already get a suede-lined blue case in the box of the FC Barcelona R11 as well.

At the moment, the limited edition R11 is only available online from JB Hi-Fi for $699, which is a reasonable price and only a $50 premium over the regular R11 . [JB Hi-Fi / Oppo]

And here's the R11's specs:

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