Why The Music In 'Wonder Woman' Is The Exception To The Rule

Video: While Marvel may have it all over DC in the broader modern cinematic universe (we're talking post-Nolan Batman here), Wonder Woman has proven to be an exception in more ways than one - including its music.

In this video Dan Golding breaks down how Wonder Woman's theme is used throughout her film, in ways we haven't seen in superhero films for a very long time.



    Will watch the video later, but will say now that I thought this was one of the better superhero film scores for some time. One of them was first used in Superman vs. Batman so Tom Holkenborg and/or Hans Zimmer may deserve some credit too.

    Agree that Wonder Woman's orchestral score is a masterpiece. It sends shivers down your spine and evokes actual emotion. As for Batman Vs Superman I agree as the music originated at her appearance then some credit may be due but no credit should be given to the movie makers as Wonder Woman was the best part of the movie, so considering the source material available they done terrible.

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