Who's Coming To Get Some Chicken Nuggets With Me?

"I'm going to get some Chicken McNuggets® if anyone wants to come get some.

Will probably get some sweet 'n sour sauce to go along with it idk."

This is a story about a Facebook event - possibly the greatest since my neighbour organised a casual Pokemon Go walk and thousands of people showed up. It's a Facebook event for nuggets, folks.

Let's get this out of the way first: yes, Gizmodo is a technology site at heart. So with that in mind, check out this segue: this is a story about a Facebook event. Facebook is a social media site hosted on the internet which is, undoubtedly, technology.

Now let's talk about nuggets.

Corey Dunkin is a man who enjoys his nuggets. So much, so, he made an event to encourage others to join him next Thursday.

Him and the 1,600 other people planning to nug it up at the Sydney George St Maccas at 7pm, that is - and that number is only rising.

I asked Dunkin...why?

"I really just wanted to go get some nuggets haha," he told me.

About three weeks ago he decided to make an event.

"To be honest I just thought about what would be the lowest amount of effort to make an event about something. And I thought this was funny to me."

Until last night, about 50 people were attending.

"It's so dumb I wasn't expecting heaps of people to like it. It kind of just blew up last night."

At present, over 1.6k nugget-lovers will be rocking up. And, well, I'm not sure they are prepared. Because, um, Maccas doesn't know they are coming - yet.

"I should probably msg them right?"

Image: Corey Dunkin

If you're reading this, McDonald's - get your friers ready. Although there's no need to roll out the red carpet.

"I have no real idea what to do at the event," Dunkin says. "Just rock up and eat my nuggets I guess."

Never change, Corey Dunkin.

We'll be there getting our nuggets on October 6 - if you're also attending, let us know!



    Nice try McDonald's PR people. Where's the advertorial tag?

    I'm kidding, enjoy your nuggets.

    You can't buy marketing like this.

    Or maybe you can. I really don't know. But I do feel like nugs.

      Sucks to be McDonald's - I can't be bought.

      (Except on my Instagram. Maccas hit me with that sweet #spon #ad $$$ if you're reading this)

      (That's a joke, for those who'd take this seriously :P)

    holy crap corey is my mate. we didnt realise this would get so big. best idea ever. were genuinly worried the maccas will run out of nugs fast

    I hope they have some of that Szechuan sauce.

    This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel Gizmodo.


        wait wait wait let me try that again


        (that's better)

          Why not Szechuan Sauce barrel? Oh wait, that doesn't exist :(

      Yes, keep it up gizmodo and you are going to lose readers, I'm tired of this low brow veiled advertising BS on this site nowadays.

        No one is forcing you to stay here. In fact i think the site would be better off without people like yourself.

        Lighten up buttercup.

        "Old man yells at cloud. Cloud cancels his account."

      To be fair, you were warned before Rae got into the nitty gritty of the article.

    Dammit @raejohnston you've given me cravings for nuggets. In other news, McDonalds nuggets and big mac sauce are godlike.

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