What's Your Favourite TV Show Theme?

Image: Doctor Who

Earlier today, Star Trek: Discovery revealed its own theme song -- a rare, full length one in the age of the title card stings and little else. It joins a long line of esteemed theme songs in the Trek franchise, but we thought we'd throw a question to you all: what's your favourite TV theme of all time?

Honestly, it's a question that leaves me paralysed with indecision. There's so many great ones -- if we're counting anime, I'm partial to the likes of Lupin III's theme, or Gundam Wing, but for TV at large there's everything from Star Trek: Voyager's brazen brass section or the timeless, cosmic weirdness of Doctor Who's ever-fluctuating tiles. There's too many to choose from!

Which means I'm sure you guys will have even more suggestions in the comments section. Share your favourites with us below!

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    Babylon 5 Season 5, hands down one of the greatest TV intros in history.

      Looking over the comments there is a very distinct age group reading Kotaku. Which clearly influenced what you like with what you grew up with.
      for me, most memorable is

      Ulysses 31

    * Dr Who was pretty great...
    * Game of Thrones blew my mind when I first saw it. The animation was awesome, the score just oozed ... power, and it took a few episodes to notice that the locations were changing to reflect the episode, so making sure you paid attention...
    * Dexter captured the menace of the character well.
    * Preacher Season 2 did a great job of titillating what's to come with cryptic stills...

    Theres a lot to choose from, but I keep coming back to the intro song for MASH. Its so iconic, and really stands the test of time.

      Suicide is Painless (that's the song from MASH).

      I'd agree Doctor Who's theme is great really captures the weirdness of the show. If we're counting songs not just themes I'd count a bunch of the older shows, The Dukes of Hazzard theme song, Gilligans Island and the Greatest American Hero. I loved the songs that really told the story of the show or captured the feel of it.

        Ah, Gilligans Island. Fun fact: The Australian national anthem fits that tune perfectly.

        Many of us have heard the anthem sung to the tune of Working Class Man, but once you think of it alongside Gilligans Island, you just cant unhear it. Try it, its fun to point it out to friends.

        FYI, I knew it was suicide is painless :) was just referencing it as the theme as that's where most would know it. Full title is apparently Theme from MASH (Suicide is Painless). Was also the B side to Bryan Adams (Everything I Do) I Do It for You, amongst eleventy four other versions.

        And songs as themes count, particularly when they're really only known for that show. If they're repurposed into being a theme song though, then maybe not. Like Bad Boys being used for Cops.

        Then theres the ones in the middle. Cleveland Rocks for example was a well known song in the region, for obvious reasons, but was a fresh cover (by POTUSA) for Drew Carey, so do you count it or not? The version is certainly synonymous with the show but the song isn't original to it.

    Couldn't name one but fav's can think of now would be Knight Rider, Baywatch, Friends, Simpsons, Full House, Saved by the Bell, Home Improvement, Game of Thrones. Could go on and on and will think of better ones that will pop in my head on the way home but they were some of the ones i would always be humming or singing to.

    The original Lost in Space theme was incredible. I think It's been remixed a few times, and I remember getting chills whenever I heard it. I also really liked Happy Days, Magnum PI and The Greatest American Hero.

    I'd have to say that my all time favourite was the theme from the Rockford Files.

    Game of Thrones is great and is already iconic. Giving you an overview of the geography which is so important in the story, brilliant move.

    Dexter's is great. Getting dressed and making breakfast but the camera shots and music are so menacing.

    I also loved True Blood's. Pretty unique and really captures the area the show is set in.

    Can I nominate Firefly? I wouldn't say the intro is amazing, but I do love it so.

    Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex. The theme song is so great it's still in my playlist today.

    The Banana Splits Show

      You had to freaking go there didn't you fine if you want war you have it.. I'll raise you with HR puffnstuff

    My contribution would be the original 1978 theme to Battlestar Galatica

    Some people have mentioned a few favourites but the one that never fails to perk me up is the crowning glory of Dudley Simpson's body of work, the Blake's 7 theme.

    The MASH theme, suicide is painless.
    Lots of people don't realise the name of the song, or that it has lyrics.

    I believe the guy who did the Dr Who theme retired to Adelaide.

    Mysterious Cities of Gold

    I watched this as a youngling, then it took almost 20 years of trying to remember what it was for the good old internet to show me the light. Tears of nostalgic joy trickled towards my quivering chin..

    And now i'll be singing it in my head all day! Everybody wins!

    For some reason I've always liked the Hawaii 5O theme.
    I love that for the new version of the show they used the same theme just recorded with a new orchestra and better equipment.
    Doctor Who is also brilliant.

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