Watch A Porsche 911 Flat-Six Get Dissected In High Definition

Photo: 911 Magazine/Vimeo

The Porsche 911 flat-six is an iconic engine. This rear-mounted engine is the heart of probably the most talked about and praised sports car of all time. Let’s watch it get dissected!

The people at 911 Magazine produced a video showing what exactly makes the German monster tick. This stop motion video shows a comprehensive teardown of a 911 flat-six in high definition. It’s undoubtedly pretty cool-looking. The attention to detail that engineers at Porsche put into this 3.2 litre version is, plainly, impressive.

Teardown videos of expensive sports car engines are great, but I want to see a high-definition teardown of something less-than-stellar, like a Ford Duratec or maybe even a Chrysler 2.2L Turbo. For those, though, I’m guessing I’ll have to wait.