Vaya’s New Plans Include A $44 13GB Deal

Vaya’s New Plans Include A $44 13GB Deal
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Vaya has re-jigged its SIM-only offerings, throwing in more data than ever.

Here’s what all the new plans will offer.

The monthly plans will get you:

  • 1.5GB for $16 (up from 1GB)
  • 3GB for $24 (up from 2GB for $22)
  • 10GB for $36 (up from 4GB for $26)
  • 13GB for $44 (up from 10GB for $36)

While the six month plans now look like this:

  • 1.5GB for $84 (was 1GB for $87)
  • 3GB for $132 (was 2GB for $120)
  • 10GB for $204 (was 4GB for $144)
  • 13GB for $252 (was 10GB for $198)

The plans are all for personal use only (no businesses allowed) and the usual standard fair use deals apply. There’s a Price Beat Guarantee, too. Details about that are here.

Vaya uses Optus’ 4G Plus Network and come with unlimited talk and text to standard Aussie numbers, 13 and 18 numbers. International rates start from 2 cents per minute and on the 10GB and 13GB plans you can add 200 minutes to 100 selected countries for an extra $2 per month.

You can find out more here.