TPG Is Literally Advertising The NBN As A Downgrade

TPG Is Literally Advertising The NBN As A Downgrade
Image: TPG

SHOTS FIRED? A cheeky advert for internet service provider TPG has been doing the rounds online. It certainly doesn’t paint the NBN in a positive light. In fact, it explicitly depicts the beleaguered network as a downgrade.

The image first appeared as a screenshot on the Australia subreddit earlier today, posted by user Simmo_ and advertises a finger hovering over a red ‘downgrade’ button instead of the green ‘upgrade’ button. Underneath the text ‘Connect to the NBN with TPG’ can be seen.

I laughed, a lot.

I don’t know if this is an intentional advertising campaign though, as one astute reddit user pointed out:

I think these ads dynamically choose images, so instead of a marketing guy choosing one picture, they pick the demographics and the algorithm chooses pictures from a library targeted to the audiences (or maybe even the individuals?)

We have no idea whether this was an intentional jab at the dismal state of the NBN or just some unfortunate programming. Either way, it’s still just a good laugh and continues the storied disaster of the NBN rollout.

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