This Video Game Teaches You How To Vote In The Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey

Image: Supplied

When was the last time you mailed a letter? I think I’ve used a post office once in the last 12 months – and it looks like the next time may be for the postal survey to allow same sex marriage in Australia.

So, just for people like me, these folks made a video game to remind us how to send correspondence just like a Baby Boomer.

Agency, a creative studio based in Surry Hills, made “Going Postal” an 8-bit, retro running game in which users jump over the obstacles to marriage equality in order to post their ballot.

The obstacles include current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott (in his famous red speedos) as well as a High Court judge.

“Politicians on both sides have been making a game out of marriage equality for the last few years – so we created an actual game to help get marriage equality through,” said Agency Sydney Communications Director, Tim Middlemiss.

“Australians, particularly young Australians, don’t send much snail mail any more, so we’re hoping this game helps people practice going postal before the big vote,” he continued.

You can play the game online here.