This Sex Robot 'Has A Family Mode'

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Video: Presented without comment, because who am I to judge.

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    fuck that was cringey.....
    i couldnt watch the video, i had to scroll down. that poor dude must have had some traumatic experiences somewhere. when he asks if they find 'her' beautiful, and they disagree, his face change....
    and shit, the family mode explanation. 'i have two kids'
    3 and 5 years olds, thats not right, surely? for a kids psychological development.
    so wrong on so many levels.
    love what the phsycologist had to say.
    its a hard NO from me.

      It was difficult at times. I have nothing against it except for the family mode. Keep that shit away from the kids. They should be in no way interacting with Dads sexbot 2000. I am all for educating my children about sex and how to do it safely etc but they don't need to be a part of my fetishes.

      But good on him though for getting out there.

    I laughed when the women said the man was objectifying a womens body by having a sex doll. Pretty sure thats exactly what a vibrator/dildo does as well. Objectifies a men. And sex dolls for women has exploded in popularity now, I'm pretty sure its either even or overtaken in sales compared to sex dolls for males. And these can be perfectly fine in helping a person over come extreme anxiety when talking to a woman or being near them and also help this who feel extremely isolated or alone at times. That psychologist doesn't know what she is talking about.

    "They're not having the same sex as me, therefore its weird and wrong!"

    Get what you can. Do what makes you feel good. So long as it's legal and so long as it's not harming anyone and all adults are consenting. These guys are weirded out by the family mode thing, but heck, we all talk to Siri at some stage and that's perfectly fine - and she's a small rectangle device.

    Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. Something you can hide in your third drawer down, or a sex swing, or a fake glory hole door, or whatever else that DOESNT fit in your third drawer. Its weird to some, its normal for others. If this couple decide to use a sex doll in their life, so be it. I hope they're benefitting from it and having a lovely time.

      Yeah but you don't boink Siri...

      I don't have a problem with the idea of a sex doll. No different to any other sex toy, but it's pretty weird dragging it out in public. That said humans adapt to just about anything so while it may seem weird to the family to start they'd probably get used to it.

    They don't bitch, moan or complain about having a headache. Women should start to be worried because they can be replaced. This is akin to a model T Ford. It's early stages and when they perfect them in twenty or thirty years, then watch out girls, you're going to have some serious competition.

      Women have a right to say no to sex if they don't want sex. If you believe otherwise, you're welcome to never visit this website again.

        Of course they're allowed to say no. I never said they shouldn't but a sex doll will never say no.

          "but a sex doll will never say no."

          That's not what that expert says... apparently there are dolls that do say no! Not sure how I feel about that, though.

            That would be funny and annoying at the same time. How embarrassing to get turned down by a piece of silicon. You'd never live it down.

          There was a whole Battlestar Galactica episode about how "you can't rape a machine"

        Add to that the fact that women only “bitch and moan” when their male partners are wankjobs.

        We men have been replaceable for years now, there’s no way that sex dolls will replace women, even if some people want to think it true.

        These dolls are for a couple of different types of people.

        A) the type of guy in the video
        B) the type of guy who cannot find a partner, no matter how hard he tries

        There’s a man out there for every woman, but there is not a woman out there for every man, and as sad as that sounds, it’s 100% true.

          Add to that the fact that women only “bitch and moan” when their male partners are wankjobs.

          That's not always true. There are horrible women just like there are horrible men. But if you're in that situation (either direction) then you should probably re-evaluate the relationship because it's not healthy.

            Agreed. If it’s gotten to the stage where you think your partner is a bitch and a whiner, it’s time for counselling or a breakup.

        A recent TV doco on sex dolls had one disturbing bit. The guy that does the maintenance on them said that its not uncommon for users to damage the dolls and that often the dolls come in with severe damage to their "vagina". But, as you say, "who are we to judge?"

    Didn't... weren't you complaining about pay before, and here you are presenting an article with a link to someone else's video with absolutely no input of your own whatsoever?

    Maybe work harder.

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