This Is How To Market A Film

This Is How To Market A Film
Image: Twitter

All around the streets of Sydney, people are noticing something strange.

Not only are they noticing, they are talking about it, posting on social media – and getting hyped.

When was the last time you saw this kind of attention for a bus stop poster or a standard billboard?

I wish this level of creativity was used to promote Wonder Woman. I mean, it went on to be the highest grossing DC superhero film anyway – but a mural of Diana punching Nazis wouldn’t have gone astray.

I’ll admit I love this kind of marketing when I’m excited for the movie, but sometimes – I’m torn.

I mean, think of where the balloons will end up, for one. And then there’s things like this – painted to cover existing independent street art:

What do you think? Do you think out-of-the-box marketing adds something special to the atmosphere of the city, or does it just seem like inescapable advertising?

Let us know in the comments.