This Great Sony 4K HDR TV Is Under $2000 Right Now

Image: Sony

Looking for a new screen over the weekend? Well, you’re in luck: JB Hi-Fi’s got a good deal on a great Sony 4K HDR TV that brings it under the $2000 mark.

JB Hi-Fi has cut 15 per cent off the price of its entire Sony 4K TV range, including one particular model: the KD55X9000E, a 55-inch 4K HDR TV from its top(-ish) series.

The X9000E uses a full-array LED backlight, and that’s important for one big reason versus edge-lighting: you’ve got a lot more zones to adjust the brightness for during local dimming, a LCD TV tech that turns off part of the backlight behind the dark areas in any given scene to boost contrast.

As well as local dimming, the X9000E supports HDR (the HDR-10 standard), and it’s also an Android TV running 7.0 Nougat — which means all the apps you like from your phone are built right in.

It’s usually at least $2800, but this weekend it’ll be under $2000. It’s a great TV, a good screen size, and an awesome price. You should get one. [JB Hi-Fi]