This Gadget Automatically Mutes Commercial Breaks

This Gadget Automatically Mutes Commercial Breaks
Image: iStock

Sometimes, television commercials are great. Funny, thoughtful, iconic – they can be an entertainment medium all on their own.

But there reaches a point where hearing the eleventy billionth funeral insurance plan sales pitch of the day starts to get on your nerves. That’s where Mutr comes in.

Basically, it plugs into your TV or audio system, can detect the difference between the program you’re watching and a commercial – then automatically mutes the latter.

There’ aren’t many details on when or where it will be available yet – there’s a crowdfunding campaign that appears to be specifically designed to build hype so I’m a little skeptical for the moment.

But hey – if you’re one of the few people still watching free to air commercial television – this is one to keep an eye on.