There's An iPhone 8 That Costs $87,000 And I'll Just Be Over Here Weeping For Humanity

Image: Supplied

The iPhone 8 hasn't even been properly announced yet (that happens Wednesday morning - and we'll be up live-blogging the whole thing), but there's already a version available to order featuring 250 grams of 22K gold, that costs the equivalent of $87,129 Australian dollars.

I just...yeah nah, hey?

The Lux iPhone X Ingot is described by creators Brikk as "a very rare specimen".

Oh, come on.

If dropping a cool $87,000 on a phone seems a tad ridiculous to you - congratulations, you're perfectly normal! For those of us who might baulk at the higher price tags in the range, don't worry, you can still get one of the lower-end luxe models for an entirely reasonable $9,300.

Or you can pickup a diamond encrusted one for $62,000 because this is fine, everything is fine.

I'm done.


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