There's A Blade Runner 2049 Whiskey For When You Accidentally Punch Your Co-Star In The Face

Last week, we learned that if Harrison Ford punches you in the face on set, he will also give you booze to apologise. Now, there's a special branded whiskey he can give to Ryan Gosling the next time he hits him in the face.

Of course, the real tie-in is that the original Blade Runner from 1982 has a scene of Deckard being called into his boss Bryant's office where the men share shots of Johnnie Walker Black Label as they discuss a new case involving four replicants that have illegally travelled to Earth. And now we know Deckard and Johnnie are still good friends we may see hanging out together at a bar somewhere in a desolate wasteland.

Hoping to capitalise on nostalgia and the Blade Runner 2049 hype, and presumably not on Ford's story of punching a co-star and not really feeling all that bad about it, Johnnie Walker is putting out a limited edition run of its signature whiskey in a schmancy, futuristic bottle that appears in the new film.

Getting your hands on some of The Director's Cut won't exactly be the easiest task. Each bottle will go for $US89.99 ($113), but only 39,000 of them are being produced globally across 15 different markets when it hits stores later this month.

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