The World’s Largest Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation Runs A Domino’s In Plumpton

The World’s Largest Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation Runs A Domino’s In Plumpton
Image: Natural Solar / Domino's Plumpton

Australia loved the Tesla Powerwall when it launched, and the updated Powerwall 2 is smaller with double the energy storage.

As it turns out, Australia has the world’s largest Powerwall 2 installation, out in the western suburbs of Sydney — running a Domino’s Pizza in Plumpton.

The “battery powered pizza” setup, installed by Natural Solar — the same installer responsible for the setup that saved a Western Sydney home more than 90 per cent on their yearly power bill — uses 10 Powerwall 2 batteries, with a total energy storage capacity of 135kWh. It’s the largest commercial Powerwall 2 installation in the world, although the utility-grade Tesla Powerpack is made up of Powerwall-sized battery packs too.

The system uses the stored battery power for commercial use — all appliances including, fridges, freezers, lights and ovens — during the day, and recharges overnight using off-peak power from the electricity grid. That battery power is enough to cook 90,000 pizzas and 27,000 loaves of garlic bread over a year. It’s just one of many commercial enquiries for Natural Solar, apparently — the installer says it’s had a 1000 per cent increase in requests in the last 12 months.

Domino’s CEO Nick Knight says the company was testing the initative to see whether it pays off for the Plumpton franchisee. Natural Solar’s Chris Williams likes the installation, understandably: “Aussies can be assured that when they are biting into a piece of pizza from Domino’s Plumpton, it was cooked using battery power. We’re excited Domino’s has jumped on the battery bandwagon, and are looking forward to seeing more Domino’s franchises across Australia making their own ‘Tesla Powerwall 2 pizzas’.”